Online Gaming Community

About the Project

This client came to us with some seriously challenging requirements. Multiple servers with different operating systems load balanced and WAF secured on AWS EC2, API integrations, 1000 users userbase, advanced statistics for gameplay and business purposes, then all the usual logo/branding, theme design and UX (user experience) design. This isn’t the kind of project you create mockups and build to spec, in favor of growing with the userbase, adding feature after feature. Although challenging, we created a process for snap-in features that allow us to safely and securely maintain a dynamically interesting experience for players.


Services Provided

  • LAMP stack imaging
  • Windows Server imaging
  • migration to AWS
  • multitude of security layers
  • in-depth reporting / statistics
  • multiple API integrations
  • reverse API callbacks
  • data log mining
  • caching mechanisms / anti-abuse
  • logo design
  • custom theme
  • web development
  • web design
  • marketing graphics generator
  • scheduled recurring content
  • ecommerce merch store
  • lifecycle based backups
  • complete online business solution


Case Study

We could write a novel on this one, but lets simply state – we are an IT programming group, not just a design agency and this project is solid proof that our wide array of skills converges in a place that connects the needs of an entire online business, from marketing to programming.

We’re thoughtful in evaluating our fit for the job while consulting with experienced IT groups and this project happened to play into our strengths in php, ajax and web-services development. It was also a great learning experience for our developers, expanding our boundaries across several technical fronts.

Special thanks to the handful of coding and security specialists that have periodically contributed critical solutions to this project, mostly on the server administration side. It’s been our pleasure to advise our client to hire you and collaborate on the most challenging moving parts of ColorUp.