Real-time Menu Boards

About the Project

Supercharge Foods noticed our work on various menu boards around town and wanted to have a casual chat about possibilities. We ended up agreeing to make them a proof of concept prototype given the highly specific requirements. We knocked out the final app in the form of a web-based Android TV app we named, because it’s swift and easy to use for managers on the go.


Services Provided

  • dynamic menu board design
  • hardware recommendation & setup
  • Android TV app development
  • real-time updating data
  • expanding features per request


Case Study

As we continue to refine our solutions for service industry businesses, is getting a lot of attention and is a key component for customer experience at the new Supercharge Foods Juice Bar & Urban Farm.

The ability to quickly edit the menus, drag and drop reorder items and overall slick feel of the app has made it a win for Supercharge Foods from the moment they cut their ribbon.

We look forward to rolling out this app for other businesses and have the ability to customize it to no end, resulting in a custom look and feel that likely can’t be replicated on the rather expensive subscription-based options out there.