Tavern Marketing Suite

About the Project

Our friends at The Plaza Tavern & Grill came to us with an outdated website that they didn’t have access to edit their content. We could have rolled them out a simple WordPress site and called it good, but instead we formulated a marketing strategy package which created new ecommerce revenue streams and storefront rotating advertising. This can all be controlled from a minimalist mobile app, we named TapGlancer, tailored to meet the needs of a bar manager on the go.


Services Provided

  • logo design refresh
  • logo vector redraw
  • web design
  • web development
  • mobile app development
  • ecommerce site development
  • fully automated drop-shipping online merch store
  • auto refreshing storefront slide display with beer tap list


Case Study

Our three point marketing package has been a real win for the Plaza, who continues making great margins on their hands-free ecommerce solution. Their storefront has been dressed up with a new TV with eye catching rotating slides to grab the attention of the walkable district they serve.

In summary, the Plaza went from having no control of their web presence to having a great website that is on-the-fly mobile app controlled. Looking at the ecommerce sales alone, there’s absolutely no doubt this project will be an ongoing victory for years to come.

For Allsite this was a great opportunity to demonstrate our ability to see the big picture, hone in on opportunity, while clearly distinguishing our technical capabilities from the horde of simple site-vending web designers. We are now strategically positioned to roll out this marketing package rapidly for future service industry clients.